Where is the pain point you should notice?
  • A strong youth network that works on educational issues.
  • An opportunity to work with students from a diverse background.
  • Opportunity to conduct workshops, campaigns after obtaining training from Science Bee experts.
  • Can work as an online instructor for any educational-related topics based on your skills.
  • Science Bee will provide you with posters, banners, stands, and presentations for conducting workshops.
  • Receive a certificate of recognition after completing each different task and also a certificate of being the unpaid internship for at least 3 months.
  • From every particular department, one best teammate will get “Certificate of best Co-Ordinator“.
  • Eligibility for applying :
    • Aged between 15 -24 years
    • School ( class 9-10 ) or  College or University Students (undergraduate- up to 3rd year/not applicable for 4th year)
    • Good in Bangla & English
    • Must be interested to work with science & technology
    • Interested in cross-cultural work ( if needed)

    Eligible Regions:

    • All over the country
Where we welcome you!

বিজ্ঞান সংবাদ রিপোর্টার

কন্টেন্ট রাইটিং এবং টিম প্লেয়ার হিসেবে নিজের দক্ষতাকে জ্বালিয়ে নিতে যুক্ত হোন দেশের প্রথম বিজ্ঞান ভিত্তিক সংবাদমাধ্যম "বিজ্ঞান সংবাদ" টিমের সাথে।

Designer Bee 3.0

Everyone has a level of influence that can be harnessed for the greater good. Be the creative Bee.

Content Researcher 2.O

Join as a content researcher is an opportunity to unearth knowledge, fuel creativity, and ignite inspiration, shaping a brighter future through the power of words.