Why not Science Bee?

Hello enthusiastic:
Science Bee is now working on sharing daily news, blogs, contents of the new inventions, discoveries and findings in the field of science, technology and 21st Century learnings through the website.Science Bee platform along with 92k learners introduces different sorts of contests, competitions, online exams, soft skill development sessions. If you are in 15 -24 years old, then this opportunity is for you. It will allow you to work for a better Bangladesh by engaging yourself with a team that particularly works on science and technology. You will be able to connect yourself with young scientists, researchers, and negotiators.

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Benefits :

  • -A strong youth network that works on educational issues
  • -An opportunity to work with students from a diverse background
  • -Opportunity to conduct workshops, campaigns after obtaining training from Science Bee experts
  • -Can work as an online instructor for any educational-related topics based on your skills
  • -Science Bee will provide you with posters, banners, stands, and presentations for conducting workshops
  • -Receive a certificate of recognition after completing each different task and also a certificate of being the unpaid internship for at least 3 months.
  • -From every particular department, one best teammate will get “Certificate of best Co-Ordinator“


Eligibility for applying :

  • -Aged between 15 -24 years
  • -School ( class 9-10 ) or  College or University Students (undergraduate)
  • -Good in Bangla & English
  • -Must be interested to work with science & technology
  • -Interested in cross-cultural work ( if needed)

Eligible Regions:

  • -All over the country


Core Team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Join us to our emphatic journey

Science Bee is now one of the largest science organizations because of its vastly influential team management. To face bee's mission we're working hand to hand Everyday. None of us is as smart as all of us.
Now we are in online Categorised works as 4 Departments.

Daily Science is totally new to our country, we, as a team publish science, technology, research, inspirational and other 11 categories news in Bengali daily. As a team member, you have to submit news in Bengali collected from sources weekly numbered based. You can also bee a blogger as well.
One to one education we like to deliver, No traditional relationship between students and teachers, Science Bee family is such a group where everyone is a teacher and student also. This community helps 19k learners to learn and teach new materials every day. You have to communicate with them and do posting maintaining regularity.
Visual Inspection is the best way to catch others' attention. So the Content Creator team is constantly working on creative content like short videos, facts, on this day and other promotional concepts. If your passionate about website & content creating, here we are looking for you to join.
New team, we form to promote Science Bee across Bangladesh about our works, opportunities, threats, Sustainability at all. You have to work in promotional activities that we do and do in the near future neglecting Egoism.

Must required for final phase of interview session.
Between 50 to 100 words

Campus Ambassador

Everyone has a level of influence that can be harnessed for the greater good. Be your Campus Hero

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