What we do

One of the functions of an organization, of any organism, is to anticipate the future so that those relationships can persist over time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the diversity and inclusivity of science & technology,to reach the under-served communities and increase the number of people who are actively engaged and involved in science & technology.

Our Vision

Science Bee's vision is of a future where science & technology is at the heart of culture and society, instead of set apart from it fostering inclusiveness & diversity.

Our Approach

Science Bee founded by S. M. Mobin Sikder works in three areas: education(STEM), student engagement, and skill development. We work more to encourage students to engage with science, become ambassadors for science, and ultimately be empowered to challenge, enjoy, and influence others to science - whether they are scientists or not.

Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is integral to the Science Bee's mission. We want to make science more accessible to everyone, regardless of background, and provide innovative activities that give people the opportunity to engage with science as an integral activity.We also want people of all backgrounds and beliefs to be able to challenge, shape, and debate the impact of scientific and technological developments. We must, therefore, ensure that all teammates, volunteers, and group members feel equally able to work and engage with us.

Our history

Science Bee was found on 31 April 2018 along with our founder and some enthusiasts to bring about a change in this unprivileged sector in our country. Initially launching a monthly science magazine and campaigns went an unbearable inconvenience with discouragement. Standing apart from it, we, as a community grow more rapidly online with the helping hand of our team management and enthusiastic members and work more fluently and vastly to achieve our vision.


We involve volunteers across the country who take on a wide range of roles including planning, facilitating team management, working in hand to hand, and promoting science & technology across the country.Team, therefore, aspires to continually improve our understanding and our practice, to learn from our own experiences and others’ experiences, and to remain open to feedback and advice.
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So Far We Reach

Science Bee’s biggest achievement is to connect you as truly enthusiastic.

Dec 28, 2019

Participated in BYLC Youth Carnival - 2019

June 5, 2020

Country's unique chatbot got Govt. recognition

Nov 10, 2020

Website registered reached 30k+ and 7k+ Contents

June 10, 2021

Crossed 4 lacs Students in our Community

Aug 24, 2021

Received YSSE Global Education Award

Sep 2, 2021

Winner- BYLC Volunteer Awards 2021

Sep 26, 2021

Achieved YEF Global Changemakers Award 2021

Dec 4, 2021

Achieved IVD Bangladesh Volunteer Award 2021

Dec 22, 2021

Funding For Bangladesh 1.0 Winner 2021
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What They Say?

Those of us who have come in contact with some important people in the field of science and technology are constantly inspired to build an advanced & digital Bangladesh.
"We need to find hidden talents in the mainstream. That's wonderful to hear that you guys are working with that."
Wahid Ibn Reza photo

Wahid Ibn Reza

VFX Coordinator, Hollywood
"Future generations will make the core of our country. So, today's access to information is very much important. Science bee is working with this and has come so far that's an achievement."
Jhankar Mahbub photo

Jhankar Mahbub

Sr. Web Developer, Author
"Don't lose hope, because you have to be strong. There are many platforms available for your support. Science Bee is creating the pathway to expand science education in Bangladesh."
Sadat Rahman  photo

Sadat Rahman

Child World Peace Prize Winner 2020
"Science Bee is doing well in Expanding Science and Technology in Bangladesh. They Are representing science in a very interesting way we need"
Abdul Gaffar Rony photo

Abdul Gaffar Rony

Co-Editor, Biggancinta, Prothom Alo
"Science bee has inspired learning science in a new way for the betterment of the students and I hope students are highly benefitted by Science Bee"
Faatiha Aayat photo

Faatiha Aayat

Author, Content Creator
"Science Bee is doing great in making people more interested in Science. We always need young scientists, it will be a good thing for our country, obviously."
Tasnim Jara photo

Tasnim Jara

EM Doctor at NHS England, Co–founder at Shohay