Award-winning non-profit science-based organization “Science Bee” is hosting its third unpaid Designer recruitment program. If your thought is aligning with the organization’s mission and vision and you want to sharpen creative skills to a great extent, grab this amazing opportunity to join us as a Graphic Designer to show your talent and dedication. If you have the potential to work in diverse situations then we are looking for you.

1. College (not for admission candidates) & University Students (undergraduate- up to 3rd year/not applicable for 4th year)
2. Good proficiency in Bangla & English.
3. Very much interested in working with a diversified team.
4. Have enough time to manage the responsibilities.
5.Must be interested to work with science & technology.

6. Have good command over the following Softwares and Apps:
For Computer Users:
1. Adobe illustrator

2. Adobe Photoshop
Minimum needed: Mid-experienced

For Mobile Users:
1. Picsart

2. Pixellab
Minimum Needed: Above average Experienced 

1. Work hand to hand to align with the overall organizational vision, mission, and objectives.
2. Have to be punctual, time management is mandatory for this position.
3. Fact Making is an important part of Science Bee. So most of your time in Science Bee has to be spent in this particular area.
4. Follow guidelines set by the co-ordinator and report back to him.
5. Have to be unique, plagiarism is highly forbidden.
6. Creativity is important for designing posters, facts, and other stuff. So, always try to do something new and the team will help you.
7. Have to be helpful and cordial to other team members, teamwork is the key to success, you know.

1. Develop Communication, team management, problem-solving, critical & creative thinking skills.
2. Develop information collecting and spreading ability. Develop accuracy, color correction, combination, to learn the mindset of the audience that experience must help you in your near future career.
3. An opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds.
4. An opportunity to work with a designer community and scope to learn new things.
5. Receive a certificate of recognition of being an unpaid internship for at least 3 months.
6. Every Month Best Designer will be featured in our Group And Page.
7. From every particular department every month, one best teammate will get a “Certificate and gift hamper of best Designer“.

Must required for final phase of interview session.
আপনি যার রেফারেন্সে আমাদের সাথে যুক্ত হতে চাচ্ছেন তার থেকে প্রাপ্ত আইডি কোড
Between 50 to 100 words

সবচেয়ে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ অংশঃ আপনার যেকোনো ৩ টি ডিজাইন (Canva Design গ্রহণযোগ্য নয়) স্যাম্পল হিসেবে এই ফোল্ডারে   নিজের নাম ও মোবাইল নম্বরের শেষ তিন ডিজিট লিখে ফোল্ডার তৈরি করে আপলোড করবেন (যেমনঃ mobin736) আপনি চাইলে আমাদের কিছু স্যাম্পল ডিজাইন দেখে সেরকম ডিজাইন তৈরি করে আপলোড করতে পারেন উপরের নিয়মে। আমাদের ডিজাইন, লোগো, ফন্ট পেতে ক্লিক করুন এখানে , এক্ষেত্রেও আপনাকে কমপক্ষে ২ টি ডিজাইন করতে হবে। ফোল্ডার তৈরি করতে সমস্যা হলে আপনার ডিজাইনের ড্রাইভ লিঙ্ক মেইল করুন [email protected]