A non-profit science-based organization “Science Bee” is hosting its very first unpaid HR recruitment program. If your thought is aligning with the organization’s mission and vision and you want to sharpen your leadership and communication skills to a great extent, join this competitive program ASAP. We are waiting for you.

1. College (not for admission candidates) & University Students (undergraduate- up to 3rd year/not applicable for 4th year)
2. Good in Bangla & English.
3. Very much interested in working with a diversified team.
4. Have enough time to manage the responsibilities.
5. Must be interested to work with science & technology.

1. Plan and handle total HR Operations to align with overall organizational vision, mission, and objectives.
2. Review, improve, update, and develop guidelines, and ensure that they are complied with by all co-ordinators and founder.
3. Facilitating accurate and timely communications with teammates.
4. Conduct Training Need Assessment, prepare monthly reports, conduct Training Session to motivate teammates, and improve their performance.
5. Scheduling, screening, and confirming interviews with new candidates.
6. Tracking progress, priorities, and deadlines of various projects as well as team members’ performance.
7. Assisting in the planning of all events and self-starter with good interpersonal skills.
8. Provide team members career assistance and serve as the leader of Change.
9. Ensure NO cyberbullying at work and maintain the culture of the platform.
10. Updating internal databases with new teammates’ information like contact information and respective preference.

1. Develop leadership, problem-solving, critical & creative thinking skills.
2. Develop Communication and team management skills.
3. An opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds.
4. Can work as an online instructor for any educational-related topics based on your skills.
5. An opportunity to work with a strong youth network that works on educational issues.
6. Receive a certificate of recognition of being the unpaid internship for at least 3 months.
7. From every particular department every month, one best teammate will get a “Certificate and gift hamper of best HR“.